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B/A themed writer’s community
Many of us need a little writing help now and then. Whether it's because you’ve never written before, need an idea, or are suffering from the dreaded Writer’s Block – our aim is to give you some inspiration, a kick start, or offer advice – all with a little fun along the way.

What we want to do is get you writing. None of our suggestions and ideas are set in stone – just take what you need and adapt them to suit you.

What sort of things are you likely to find here?

Any kind of writing prompt we can come up with!
General writing advice, help and suggestions.
Interesting articles, discussions and links.

Why B/A?

It’s well known that B/A is my ‘ship and I was asked to make a safe place for fans of the pairing to meet up and have fun, and I hope that’s what you will find here. But – this community is not only for B/A supporters. Given the diversity of the prompts and information that you will find here, it is inevitable that other writers will come in, and indeed, as long as you are kind to our pairing – everyone is welcome. However, I ask you to consider that this community can only work if everyone takes an active part in the daily running of it. There is no reason we can’t play nicely with each other.

Want to join in? Here’s how:

Take any of our prompts for your own use and adapt them in any way you like.
Add your own prompts, ideas and suggestions
Donate a plot to the pot
Post your B/A (and B/Aus) stories, rosebuds, poems, essays… anything you like.
Ask for help and advice
Discuss any issues connected to writing that you like.
Tell people about us and use the community lots!

If you use one of our ideas, for purposes that are not B/A, you should donate one of your own plots, story suggestions or advice for others to use and/or give us a mention when you do post your work.

The story ideas are provided as a prompt resource. If you need some inspiration, come in and browse our selection until you find something you like. How you use them is up to you. You can use as many, or few, as you like – nobody expects you to write a story for each one!

Please remember:

Only post stories here that have B/A (or B/Aus) content.
Stories posted should be new ones inspired - however vaguely - by the prompts and posts in some way.
Play nicely with each other. No flaming, rudeness, shipper wars or stealing PuppetAngel’s nose.
Clearly mark - and tag - anything that is of an adult nature.
Clearly mark - and tag - anything that pertains to the comics. Not everyone regards them as canon and it will reduce confusion and frustration...